Cryocoolers research and development services

Stirling CRYOcooler automatic ESS and acceptance test measurement stand

The stand enables final acceptance and ESS testing of Integral rotary stirling cryocoolers. The procedure is fully automatic and nine units can be tested in paralel.

Cryocooler design

Customized solutions of cryocoolers for each customer

Different application with different requirements with different housing. We can design a cryocooler according customer needs and are flexible in production (quick delivery of samples or small quanities).

Reliability testing of cryocoolers

Possibility of testing up to 9 units at once according to customer mission profile at different evironmental conditions.

Special stands for cryocooler testing

Test stands for JT cooler testing enables JT cooler testing at diffrent pressures with different gases and monitoring of gas flow, pressures and temperatures.

Special premises for cryocooler asssembly

Clean room premises for Integral rotary stirling cooler assembly.

cryoCooler heat dissipation measurements

Possiblity of measuring the main sources of heat dissipation on Cryocooler.

stirling cryocooler heat map