Integral Miniature Stirling Cryogenic Cooler 0,5W

Stirling cryocooler with IR detector
Stirling rotary type Cryocooler

SRI401 (0,5W@80K)

Description: The cryocooler is intended for use in IR applications but can be used also in other applications. Le-tehnika’s Integral rotary Stirling cryocooler model SRI401 was developed for 8mm cold fingers and with cooling power of 0,5W at 80K.

The concept of the direct integration of a detector on a cooler cold finger (DDCA) was implemented by the Expander design.


The operation of the Stirling compressor driven via DC brushless motor is smooth and silent, with low vibrations and an acoustic noise.
Motor windings are outside of the working gas to prevent its contamination and prolong the lifetime and reliability of the cooler.
Digital electronic drive is integrated inside the cooler.

Technical specification:

Stirling Rotary cryocooler 0_5W.pdf