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About us

With almost 30 years of experience we have become experts of cryogenics and have specialized in the development for technology of miniature Joule Thomson cryocooler and Stirling cryocoolers, their production, composition of components and their integration into the infrared detectors and other complex systems. According to the business strategy of the company, we are operating with more than 15 countries worldwide.

Le-tehnika has received prestigious national and international enterprise awards earned for specific achievements and have international certification marks such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, which provide high quality management.

About our coolers

Company Le-tehnika offers premium specialized products of Joule Thomson and Stirling coolers to order, flexible production of samples in small series and special models of high-quality at affordable prices.

The main products of our program include specialized miniature coolers based on the Joule -Thomson effect (self-controlled, fixed orifice, actively controlled, fast cool down, nonstandard) and coolers based on Stirling effect (rotary drive).

Products Joule Thomson and Stirling cryocoolers are designed for cooling infrared detectors used in various fields of industry and other purposes.
Products are made by request of specific needs of the client. We present our cooling system at conferences or at trade fairs such as SPIE, EUROSATORY, DSEI and others.

Other Activities:

Lighting solutions

Our street lights and other lighting solutions help people pollute less and save the environment. From South America to Bangladesh and from Sweden to New Zealand.


Today our telephone extension cords, telephone plugs and ADSL/VDSL splitters are present all around the world, mainly through OEM production.


Our main focus is production of small to middle series of hydraulic cylinders. We also produce hydraulic systems for nautical industry.