Joule-Thomson cryogenic cooler-fast cool down

fast cool down JT cryogenic cooler

fast cool down

Joule-Thomson miniature cyogenic cooler

The fast cool down Joule Thomson coolers are designed and optimised for cooling down a few seconds from room temperature down to liquid gas temperatures. Recently the thermal masses of the new matrix Infrared detectors are normally quite high (more than 300J) and therefore the cooling powers of such Joule Thomson coolers can exceed 100W of cooling power.

Technical characteristics:

  • Maximum working gas inlet pressure between up to 700 bar.
  • The minimum working pressure for any particular will vary, but will usually be between 70 and 140 bar.
  • Cryogenic temperature: 87K can be achieved at ambient temperature from -40°C to +87°C at different attitudes.


Technical Datasheet:

Fast cool down Joule Thomson cryogenic cooler.pdf