Split Rotary Stirling Cryogenic Cooler

Split Rotary Stirling Cryogenic Cooler

Split Rotary Stirling Cryogenic Cooler


The cooler is intended for use in IR applications but can be used also in other applications. Le-tehnika’s split Stirling rotary cryocooler model SRL301 was developed on a basis of good results of the previous family TSO with an aim of a longer life time and a smaller power consumption.
This model is a member of a new more reliable family of rotary driven Stirling coolers with main improvements on motor – compression unit and also on expander.


The operation of the Stirling compressor drive via DC brushless motor is smooth and silent, with low vibration and acoustic noise.
Motor windings are outside of the working gas to prevent its contamination and prolong the timelife and reliability of the cooler.
Digital electronic driver is integrated outside the cooler.

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