Joule-Thomson cryogenic cooler – Actively controlled

actively controlled JT cryogenic cooler


The cryocooler is intended for use in Infrared applications but can be used also in other applications. Le-tehnika’s Joule Thomson Actively Controlled cryocooler model was developed together with Diehl BGT Defence for cooling Infrared sensor of their IRIS-t missile.
The main advantage of the ACC is its robust design, low sensitivity to impurities (compared to bellow type Joule Thomson coolers) and reliability. The ACC can cool down and regulate at different cryostating temperature’s depend on the settings, no limitations with boiling temperature. Stability of temperature is declared within 2K, but in normal conditions could be inside 1K.


  • More reliable, actively regulated;
  • Temperature stability (+/-1,0 K)
  • Regulating temperature can be set according needs;
  • Stand by mode possible;
  • Acoustically silent;
  • Vibration free;
  • Reduced System Weight.


Technical datasheet:

Actively controlled Joule Thomson cryogenic cooler.pdf

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