Cryogenic coolers or Cryocoolers Homepage

JT cooler

Joule Thomson Cooler

front page Rotary Stirling Cooler integrated in DDCA
front page self regulated JT cooler small

Self-regulated Joule Thomson Cooler

Stirling cryocooler rotary drive


High Quality Cryocooler – Development and production

Stirling coolers and Joule-Thomson coolers produced by Le-tehnika, are used in various fields of industry and surveillance applications.

SWIR image from space


front page camera with cryogenic cooler

Cryocoolers for surveillance and reconnaissance

front page hole in JT cooler under electronic microscope

Cryogenic cooler under electronic microscope


Production of cryogenic coolers

Le-tehnika has high-tech laboratories for cryocoolers production.

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